Renewable energies and decarbonization Renewable energies and decarbonization

Renewable energies and decarbonization

Renewable energies and decarbonization

Renewable energies and decarbonization

Aware that the planet needs energy sources that are increasingly efficient and with less environmental impact, it has been proposed to start addressing the issue, with the aim of gradually transforming PETROPERÚ from a Petroleum Company (Oil Company) to an Energy Company.

This proposal from the Company’s Environmental Area has been collected by its Senior Management who, since 2020, has initiated the strategic transformation of PETROPERÚ through a gradual energy transition, thus meeting the trends and demands of the market.

PETROPERÚ‘s strategic transformation, from being a solely oil or hydrocarbon company (Oil Co.) to an energy company (Energy Co.), demands a long, but breathtaking path that has already begun with specific but significant actions, such as energy transition initiatives with foray into alternative energy activities.

Renewable energies (RER) are the best option to stop using oil, an increasingly limited, expensive and exhaustible polluting resource, whose use – to a greater or lesser degree – causes greenhouse gases that contribute to accelerating climate change in the planet.

In this sense, PETROPERÚ contemplates alliances with State organisms, such as OSINERGMIN, for advice on the implementation of new energies; as well as agreements with universities, such as the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) which, through its Energy Engineering career (energy by gravity of the water in the building), will allow the enhancement of other energy resources.

Likewise, common actions are sought with the areas of the Ministries of the Environment (MINAM) and of Energy and Mines (MINEM) to establish actions with respect to Energy Efficiency. For example, 20 years ago a software called “Amigo” was implemented in the Company, which reduced the invoice process and optimized the use of electricity at the institution’s main headquarters, in Lima.

PETROPERÚ believes in diversifying the energy matrix, through the introduction of RER technologies, seeking to increase the reliability of the electrical system and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, making the most of the great diversity and renewable wealth of our country, through various sources, such as hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal and others.