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Social projects


Social projects

The sustainable management of PETROPERÚ is committed to the planned and monitored use of resources through the execution of social projects of public interest that contribute to the attention of a complex social problem, as well as the closing of socioeconomic gaps in our interest groups; achieving a direct improvement in living conditions and ensuring the sustainability of our operations.

  • The “Paremos la Olla” Program benefits 20 soup kitchens in the district of Pariñas (Talara) and includes the delivery of supplies and goods for their strengthening and continuity of care for their beneficiaries; as well as training for adequate sustainable self-management of its resources and safe food practices.

    To execute this initiative, PETROPERÚ established a strategic alliance with the Provincial Municipality of Talara, through the Human and Economic Development Management and the Social Programs Sub-Management, jointly selecting the 20 participating soup kitchens based on the following criteria: level of need for intervention, vulnerable beneficiary population (poverty and extreme poverty) and administration of allocated resources.
  • Poultry production project that benefited 640 beneficiary families in 19 communities of Morona with 4452 birds delivered as part of a food security and nutrition strategy in the localities adjacent to the ONP. Various actions have been developed for the sustainability of this project, such as: Avian health campaign for 9000 minors, distribution of Pre-Laying feed and a campaign to reinforce good breeding practices for minors delivered within the framework of the project.
  • Community sewing project that benefited 690 women from Iquitos, Conchán, Pipeline and Talara, strengthening their capacities in the handling of vegetable and marine fiber crafts. All of them participated in Entrepreneurship Fairs and Expo-sales where the improvement of their products could be appreciated after years of training.
  • Community Bio-Gardens Project that benefited 100 families, with the installation of 13 bio-gardens in four ONP communities. (Saramuro, Saramurillo, Cuninico and San Antonio).
  • Technical Training Program in alliance with the Oasis Technical Training Center of the Municipality of Lima, benefited 700 people from the communities surrounding the Conchán Refinery, through productive courses that allow them to organize and improve their family businesses.
  • Cleaning Intervention Program in Critical Points that to date has benefited 600 people from the Talara district, in order to improve the disposal of solid waste in the Pariñas district, near the Refinery.
  • Program to Strengthen Artisanal Fishing Activity, in alliance with the Antenor Orrego Private University (UPAO), the University of Piura (UDEP), the MET Management & Technology consultancy and the San Pedro Fishermen’s Guild, four projects have been implemented. received funding from the National Program for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture – PNIPA.
  • Technified sprinkler irrigation project for 12 hectares of crops for raising livestock for the benefit of 485 residents of the community of San Pedro de Ninacaca.
  • Cocoa and macambo project: for the benefit of 16 families (16 nurseries) from the Nuevo Milagro community, located in the Morona district, Datem del Marañón province, Loreto region, seeking to promote the development of the value chain through the technology transfer aimed at installing and increasing the production of its crop.