Sustainability Report 2021

Contributing to sustainable development

We present you the main results of our 2021 Sustainability Report, which has been prepared under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and aims to socialize our business management, as well as the main economic, environmental and social results.

Each of the actions implemented expresses and reflects the current commitment to raise the standards related to social and environmental responsibility, contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Main results

We achieved gross income of MUS$4’218,444 and profits of MUS$67,937.

We reduced by 20.44% our energy consumption.

62% of our water consumption comes from the Sea Water Desalination Facility (IDAM) at Talara Refinery.

Recognition as 1 of the 3 companies with the best performance in Mechanisms of Attention to Complaints and Social Claims.

Launch of VAO, the first convenience store brand.

We had a progress of 96.75% at our New Talara Refinery.

2,800 employees nationwide.

Inauguration of the first electric charging station at a Petroperú Network refueling station.

We carried out trainings for 80,000 + hours in continuing education.

We investedS/ 9’545,651 in social programs.

We benefited 289,478 people with our local development support programs.

Economic results

In 2021, our economic results were favorable, mainly due to the measures adopted by the administration in operational management, such as the reduction of expenses and the increase in the value of inventories of intermediate and finished products. All this has contributed to us being able to recover our annual participation of 55% in gas stations/gasohols, 40% in diesel and 36% in liquid fuels.

This shows that we have provided high-quality products and maintained the guarantee of supply on a national scale.

Our commitment with sustainability

In 2021, our sustainability practices were recognized by the Merco Empresas y Lideres del Perú Ranking, ranking 58th out of 100 companies operating in our country.

We seek to continue aligning our performance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda. The purpose of all this is to maintain our leadership as a socially and environmentally responsible company, as well as to grow economically without compromising the future generations.

Our main actions in the prioritized SGDs

We carried out the first vaccination against COVID-19 in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MINSA), benefiting thousands of inhabitants of native communities surrounding the ONP and Talara. We run medical campaigns to fill health gaps, benefiting more than 2,000 people. We deliver biosecurity kits, protecting 30,150 people. The Program was developed for.

We act with ethics and efficacy

As a company representing the Peruvian State, ethics is transversally established in our performance and in the activities of all our areas. In this way, we aim to eradicate all incorrect behavior that puts our sustainability, as well as our image and reputation, at risk, managing to be more efficient in obtaining results and corporate goals.

We have different internal management instruments grouped into three systems, which allow us to prevent acts of non-compliance, fraud and corruption, as well as detect them and take measures that do not put our image, the well-being of our interest groups or the public at risk. in general. These systems are:

  • Integrity System
  • Corruption Crime Prevention System
  • System for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (SPLAFT)

We are implementing the Anti-Bribery Management System-ISO 37001.

Our environmental performance

We implement actions within the framework of the fight against climate change aimed at:

  • Give sustainable use to our energy resources.
  • Reduce and control our emissions.
  • Properly manage water use
  • Execute strategies that minimize, segregate, value and properly dispose of the waste generated.
  • Manage natural resources in the areas surrounding our operations, in line with our Biodiversity Policy.
  • Take care of the environment.

Our human capital

We consider human talent as the axis responsible for the success of our business. For this reason, we have implemented the 2021-2023 Management Strategy to ensure our sustainable growth and contribute to the attraction, development and retention of human capital, thus maintaining continuous motivation among them and ensuring optimal job performance.

Our relationship with the population

We promote spaces for collaboration and dialogue with the populations neighboring our operations, which allow constant and fluid interrelation. In this way, we seek to ensure the sustainability of our activities, jointly and participatively identifying opportunities to improve the living conditions of the population.


  • Educating for Tomorrow’s Work Program
  • We increase the potential and capacity for job placement by strengthening skills and competencies.
  • 600 schoolchildren and 50 teachers benefited.
  • Ilo (Moquegua), Ninacaca (Pasco), Pariñas (Talara), Villa El Salvador (Lima).


  • Program for the Improvement of Apprenticeships
  • Improvement of social-emotional knowledge and skills.
  • 230 families benefited.
  • Communities of Fernando Rosas and Nazareth (ORN, ONP).


  • First Vaccination
  • We partnered with the MINSA to carry out the first massive vaccination against covid-19.
  • Thousands of inhabitants of Talara, as well as native communities of Saramuro and Saramurillo (ONP), benefited.


  • We finished the road rehabilitation in the Northern Cone-I Stage
  • We subscribe to the addendum of the II Stage GORE and PETROPERÚ inter-institutional agreement.
  • More than 900 inhabitants benefited.

Communication with the population

Achievements of the Office of Information and Citizen Participation (OPCP) of the PMRT.

  • 111,850 people served by different channels (more than 86,000 compared to 2020).
  • Record of applications, registering 81,422 of them.
  • 5,388 phone calls for data update
  • 857 calls were received, 6,413 vacancies and 5,207 candidates sent.
  • Home telephone verification of 3,508 pre-selected and 13,127 people.
  • 86 broadcasts of pre-selection sessions.


Participatory Socio-Environmental Monitoring Program.

  • Generation of trust in the population about our operational management and improvement of the perception regarding environmental pollution.
  • Training in surveillance activities, promotion, solid waste, monitoring of environmental components to 35 residents.
  • The program was developed in Ilo and Conchán.
  • Likewise, the work of accompanying the environmental monitoring of the committees of Talara and Puerto Maldonado continued

Promotion of culture

We remain firm with our objective of building cultural citizenship through actions to revalue the cultural heritage of our country, in a sustainable, inclusive manner and with equal opportunities to contribute to the socio-cultural progress of the country.

Sustainability Report 2021