Community relations Community relations

Community relations

Community relations

Community relations

We have a team of community relations in the different operations with permanent presence in the field, who are committed to strengthening the relationship and direct dialogue with the populations, which allows us to know the expectations and requirements, participate in their customs and manage its critical issues in a timely and efficient manner.



  • Social feasibility for the attention of environmental contingencies and social monitoring of contractors.
  • Complete social, anthropic and economic diagnosis of the populations settled around the North Peruvian Pipeline (ONP) in order to establish the roadmap for management.
  • High Impact Strategy for social management within the ONP with permanent presence in the field.
  • Due diligence in Human Rights.
  • Local Employment Management with the implementation of the Early Warning and Clearing System with 9,000 local jobs.
  • 39 peaceful coexistence agreements signed with ONP communities.
  • Strengthening of contractors, with 263 representatives from 44 contracting companies, trained in community relations and communication, local employment and labor regulations, attention to complaints and claims, acquisition of local goods and services, health and safety in the COVID-19 context.
  • Articulation with the State to manage the demands of the population and handle difficult crisis contexts.


  • Expectation management in hiring local labor for the Talara Refinery Modernization Project. Percentage of skilled and unskilled labor greater than that indicated in the EIS.
  • Constant monitoring of working conditions.
  • 11 formalized local entrepreneurship businesses, led by women, who contribute an average of 30% of their family basket.
  • Granting of 110 scholarships to young people from Talara to pursue a technical-professional career. 100% have completed subsidized internships and graduated in July 2020
  • Community Committee for socio-environmental monitoring strengthened, made up of the main representatives of our stakeholders.


  • Raising public awareness of the dangers and risks related to the Selva Refinery Pipeline, seven communities sensitized each year.
  • Regular meetings with local leaders to address their concerns, demands and clarify complaints or claims, reinforcing trust with our main neighbors and strengthening their management through the Leadership and Public Management Workshop.
  • Strengthening of the association of artisans of the Independence Community through the creation of the INDEPENDIENTE brand, a social initiative promoted by PETROPERÚ Iquitos Refinery, seeking the empowerment of Amazonian women.


  • Empowerment of the Voluntary Socio-environmental Monitoring and Surveillance Committee, made up of representatives of AAHH of Villa el Salvador, which functions as the main communication channel to show transparent management and reduce the perception regarding environmental pollution.
  • Execution of Programs in Violence Prevention, Culture of Peace and Emotional Health.
  • Strengthening the leadership and legitimacy of neighborhood leaders from neighboring settlements through a Public Management Workshop


  • Manage the risks and social impacts resulting from hydrocarbon distribution activities.
  • Permanent participation in the dialogue and work tables as part of the PRC management of the new Sales Plants projects (Ilo, Ninacaca (Cerro de Pasco) and Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios).
  • Development of Road Safety Education courses with advice from the National Road Safety Council, in order to encourage a culture of safety prevention.
  • Support actions for the interest groups of our mining clients.


  • 6,740 benefited from free medical campaigns in Iquitos, Conchán, Talara, as well as stations and contingencies of the ONP during 2019.
  • More than 55 thousand children from different educational institutions surrounding our operations in the coast, mountains and jungle are benefited each year with the delivery of school supplies packages at the beginning of the school period.
  • In order to achieve a healthy development focused on improving children’s abilities and skills, every year useful vacation programs, theater, dance and sports championships are developed in the neighboring towns of Iquitos and Conchán, where approximately 1,370 children benefit.
  • 130 children from EI San Pedro in ILO were benefited with an innovative proposal called Patios Que Enseñan, which aims to use free spaces with paintings, playful games and psychomotor circuits so that children learn by playing, developing logical and mental abilities, assuming new challenges of recognition and motivation.

  • 747 children in the cities of Iquitos and in the areas surrounding our Sales Plants are benefited with Talks on Violence, Trafficking in Persons and Human Rights in alliance with the Women’s Emergency Center of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations.
  • 32,522 children from the different Operations in Iquitos, Talara, Oleoducto, Conchán, New Projects in Ilo, Ninacaca, Sales Plants and Terminals of PETROPERÚ are benefited each year with the Christmas Program “Awakening Smiles”, in order to give children a place of joy and fun in the Christmas holidays.
  • PETROPERÚ joined the initiative of community cleaning of beaches in the towns of Ilo and Talara, to sensitize the population about the negative impact on the environment and the marine ecosystem.
  • In alliance with the Ministry of the Interior and contractor companies, 25 students and teachers of the 5th year of secondary school of the Educational Institution of Public Management in Sciences and Humanities of San Lorenzo – Datem del Marañón, visited the PMRT and Oleoducto facilities through its They participated in the Workshop “Knowing the Management of Hydrocarbons” where they strengthened their capacities and knowledge about the Industry.
  • It is important to indicate that during 2020 the Program was developed following the protocols indicated by the government, which is why Christmas shows were not held.