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We are sustainable

At PETROPERÚ we are committed to sustainability, defined as a responsible business management approach that promotes the triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social, integrated across business planning and involving our main stakeholders.

This approach will allow us to maintain our leadership in the sector as a profitable company with social and environmental responsibility, creating shared value, since our policies and actions, while contributing to the competitiveness of the company, help to improve the economic conditions and social aspects of the communities where we operate at the national level. As part of this process, we periodically identify the perceptions and expectations of priority stakeholders and evaluate them together with our business objectives.

We plan and execute various sustainability projects and programs, which have allowed us to comply with applicable legislation and actively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Along these lines, we are committed to the implementation of a circular economy production and consumption model that guarantees sustainable growth over time, making the most of the material resources available to us. In this way, we will promote the optimization of resources, the reduction in the consumption of raw materials and the use of waste, recycling them or turning them into new products.

Thanks to our good sustainability practices, we obtained the 44th position of the 100 best companies in the country in terms of reputation, according to the Merco Companies and Leaders of Peru 2020 Ranking.

We contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our Sustainability Strategy

We have a sustainable development model that establishes our corporate strategy together with the guidelines and commitments to mitigate, reduce and compensate for the economic, social and environmental impacts generated by our operations.

This model of sustainable development is based on the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (UN, 1992) and on the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity – Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (Unesco, 2005).

Likewise, we have a Social Management Policy through which we are committed to business management that places this issue in the same range as the economic, environmental and quality aspects, in compliance with the laws.

It is also committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the Equator Principles, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Organization’s Principles for Financial Cooperation and Development and best practices in this area.

We have an Institutional Biodiversity Management Policy, in which we assume our firm commitment to its protection and conservation, in compliance with our legal system, as well as voluntary and union commitments.

Our Sustainable Development Model

  • Social: We promote social equity and the participation of our stakeholders.
  • Production ethics: We modernize our processes seeking the best technologies, transparency and ethics in our management.
  • Economic: We strengthen local capacities so that the community grows together with the company.
  • Cultural: We respect the cultural diversity of our peoples and strengthen national identity.
  • Environmental: We implement environmental management systems and remedy our liabilities.

Our Strategic Objectives

The Annual and Five-Year Objectives 2023-2027 of PETROPERÚ were approved by the Board of Directors (Board Agreement No. 019-2023-PP) and by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Ministerial Resolution No. 125-2023-MINEM/DM). The Objectives consider measures to ensure the supply of our products, operate safely and efficiently, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and establishing harmonious relationships with the communities surrounding our Operations.

  • Strategic Objective No. 1: Supply the market in an efficient, timely and profitable manner
  • Strategic Objective No. 2: Operate safely, efficiently and protecting the environment
  • Strategic Objective No. 3: Financial Sustainability of PETROPERÚ
  • Strategic Objective No. 4: Ensure the Sustainability of Operations, promoting the Energy Transition
  • Strategic Objective No. 5: Vertical integration of PETROPERÚ
  • Strategic Objective No. 6: Strengthen Corporate Governance and Human Talent Management

Ongoing dialogue

Our sustainable management is based on dialogue with our stakeholders due to the importance of incorporating their perceptions and expectations in PETROPERÚ’s improvement processes. For this reason, we identify our stakeholders and continually review the changes they present. Currently, we interact harmoniously with our ten stakeholders, through different communication channels.