Governance and leadership Governance and leadership

Governance and leadership

Governance and leadership

Governance and leadership

Communal governance

  • Accreditation of community authorities in the ONP. In order to make the populations of Section II of the North Peruvian Pipeline visible, we have supported the accreditation of 13 native communities, so that they can access different programs and projects of the State. Likewise, they have been working on the strengthening and institutionalization of the communities in the other sections of the ONP, supporting their legal sanitation and validation of the validity of power of the communal authorities.
  • 39 peaceful coexistence agreements signed with ONP communities, with the objective of continuing to advance in consolidating an alliance for social peace, public order, the well-being of the Amazonian communities and the responsible development of the hydrocarbon sector.
  • Workshop “Governance, Leadership and Public Management”, for the benefit of 60 leaders of communities and human settlements of Iquitos and Conchán, which sought to develop capacities and provide tools on governance, public management and transparent government.Likewise, the participants learned about the structure and operation of the State and the main criteria for the management of programs and projects in order to strengthen the knowledge of leaders to make better decisions.

Provincial and district governance

Comprehensive Program in Public Management. The comprehensive support and technical assistance service is implemented to strengthen the capacities of 80 officials and public servants from five municipalities in the ONP’s area of influence: Imaza, Manseriche, Urarinas, Condorcanqui and Datem del Marañón, for a period of eight months .

Assistance will be provided in:

  • Strategic planning and institutional organization
  • Management and budget for results.
  • Preparation and evaluation of technical files, profiles and files of public investment projects and IOARR.
  • Design of technical requirements and contracting of technical files for public investment projects and IOARR. N
  • State contracting regulations.

Program of social incidence and government articulation, in order to generate the necessary synergies of actions and resources for the benefit of a strategy to promote local development from the public sector.