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Thanks to the agreement between PETROPERÚ and Amazon Forever, in 2019 and 2020 the following projects have been executed:

Educational project on Amazonian biodiversity and botanical circuit “A day in the forest,which takes place in a private conservation area of approximately 10 hectares and where strategies of emotional education and experiential exploration are achieved, which seek that thousands of children of the city from Iquitos and nearby communities have the opportunity to spend a day in contact with nature to develop emotional ties and learn about the importance of conserving our ecosystems.

Within the framework of this project, the following were implemented:

  • Botanical Circuit:
    It constitutes a sinuous circuit 180 meters long within the forest. Its purpose is to generate awareness in visitors regarding the botanical species of the white sand forest, as well as to revalue species that have had a historical use and/or cultural value in the Amazon. The white sand forest has a great biodiversity; In a single hectare, up to 600 different species of trees, 143 species of reptiles and 460 species of birds have been identified.
  • Endemic birds module:
    Its purpose is to raise awareness regarding the preservation of birds, mainly the Iquitos perlite (Polioptila clementsi). It is estimated that the Iquitos perlite population, present exclusively in the white sand forests near Iquitos, does not exceed 50 individuals, placing it on the brink of extinction. This module has panels and illustrations about birds, as well as fiberglass models of this species.

Another project developed within the framework of the agreement with Amazon Forever is the Environmental Communication Workshop “Huayo y los Salva Planetas”, which consisted of conducting 20 monthly environmental communication workshops in 11 schools in Iquitos.

The environmental workshops have sensitized, in 2019, around five thousand children of educational institutions from the initial level to the third grade of primary school in the city of Iquitos and its surroundings, prioritizing those schools within the area of influence of PETROPERÚ. Likewise, thanks to the agreement between PETROPERÚ and the National Service of Natural Protected Areas by the State (SERNANP), two important studies were carried out: Monitoring of Taricayas in the Reserve and Diagnosis of Bolainas in the National Reserve of Pacaya Samiria.