Together against COVID-19 Together against COVID-19

Together against COVID-19

Together against COVID-19

Together against COVID-19

Within the framework of our Social Management Policy and Donations Policy, PETROPERÚ attends to the commitment and solidarity with the populations of greater social vulnerability in the environment of our operations, executing actions of immediate attention in health and food safety, which allow facing the crisis in this period of health emergency due to COVID-19.


  • 2,000 packages with basic necessities for the vulnerable population of Talara.
  • 5,000 thousand rapid test kits for the discard of COVID-19.
  • 25,000 biosafety kits for medical personnel.
  • 22 oxygen cylinders (thanks to the support of the main contractors of the Talara Refinery Modernization Project) for the “Carlos Vivanco Mauricio” Health Center II in Talara.
  • Since April 2020, the food service has been provided for MINSA Talara personnel, who carry out long working hours during the emergency period.
  • Loan of two trucks to the FAP, attending to the work carried out by the Armed Forces for patrolling during the emergency period.
  • Donation of an ambulance to the Talara II “Carlos Humberto Vivanco Mauricio” Health Center, of the Ministry of Health, for the transfer of patients who require specialized care in other more complex health centers in the Piura region.
  • Modular hospital, delivered to ESSALUD under the administration of the Talara II Hospital. This initiative has allowed the expansion of the hospital offer in the province of Talara. The establishment has a hospitalization area with 30 clinical beds and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) implemented with 15 beds fully equipped for the care of critically ill patients. To date, more than six thousand people have already been attended.


  • 3,480 Biosafety kits for CCNN and Health Centers in the areas adjacent to the ONP Stations.

  • Transfer of 51 oxygen cylinders for the benefit of the Datem del Marañón Health Network to be recharged at the Oxygen Plant.
  • Logistical facilities for the commission of authorities of Datem del Marañón for the transfer of Medicine and medical supplies, donated by the Ministry of Health.
  • Delivery of Turbo A-1 fuel for helicopters to the PCM, destined for the Peruvian Army, which will help in the work and civic coordination during the state of emergency.
  • Donation of a Medicinal Oxygen Plant to the Regional Health Directorate of Loreto and the Datem del Marañón Health Network, installed in Saramiriza, capital of the Manseriche district, of the Loreto region and which allows the benefit of more than 2000 residents of said locality. Additionally, PETROPERU donated 30 oxygen cylinders of 10 m3 each.


  • 1,530 packages with basic necessities to 13 communities in the area of influence of the Selva Refinery.
  • 200 individual protective glasses, donated to the FAP for the benefit of military personnel deployed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Delivery of 300 Tyvek protective suits, gallons of bleach, boxes of surgical gloves and KN95 type masks, to the Provincial Municipality of Maynas for a street decontamination and disinfection campaign.


  • 900 packages with basic necessities for the vulnerable population of Pucallpa.
  • 800 packages with basic necessities for the residents of Pampa Inalámbrica in the province of Ilo.


  • 760 packages with basic necessities for the vulnerable population of the beach area and metropolitan park of the Villa El Salvador district, next to the Conchán Refinery.
  • Support to two health posts near the Conchán refinery, with the delivery of biosafety equipment for health and population personnel and a portable Doppler for the care of expectant mothers.
  • Delivery of 30 coveralls for the Fire Company, in order to continue with its work to protect the population during the state of emergency.