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Social projects


Social projects

The sustainable management of PETROPERÚ is committed to the planned and monitored use of resources through the execution of social projects of public interest that contribute to the attention of a complex social problem, as well as the closing of socioeconomic gaps in our interest groups; achieving a direct improvement in living conditions and ensuring the sustainability of our operations.

  • Comprehensive higher technical education scholarships, Committed to educating the population in the areas of influence of its operations, 120 comprehensive higher technical education scholarships were awarded to an equal number of young people from Talara who had graduated from eight public educational institutions in the district of Pariñas (Talara), and who demonstrated an outstanding school career.

    In the first phase, the scholarship recipients received a loan of a laptop with a data plan to be able to successfully carry out the theoretical classes. Subsequently, the students were transferred to the CETEMIN offices in Lima and Arequipa to begin the practical phase of their training.

    After completing their training, they have obtained their technical degree on behalf of the Nation in careers widely required in the industrial, oil and mining sectors, such as: Environment; Heavy Equipment Maintenance; Electrical Maintenance and Instrumentation; Risk Prevention, Safety and Occupational Health; Metallurgical and Chemical Processes; Mine Exploitation; and finally the career of Geology and Explorations.
  • The Jinkay Educational Project -which in Wampis language means “seed”- aims to promote a greater pedagogical and emotional connection between the student and the teacher, thus adding a social value in the relationship with the neighboring populations of the ONP. With this program, PETROPERÚ reaffirms its commitment to education, as part of its social policy in its areas of influence.

    Thanks to this project, it was possible to improve and optimize the learning of more than 140 students from the Fernando Rosas, Mayuriaga and Nazareth communities, located in the Datem del Marañón province, Loreto region. To date, they have received, in their native language, more than 600 teaching hours of communication, mathematics, citizenship and socio-emotional skills courses.
  • Quality School Program, which benefits 12,391 students and 465 teachers from 44 educational institutions near our Operations in (Talara, Iquitos, Conchán and Oleoducto – Olmos), who have been trained, since 2017, in the areas of communication and mathematics, with the aim of helping to improve learning achievement in elementary-level students.
  • School Leveling Project: reinforcement in mathematical and verbal knowledge in order to be able to offer the PRONABEC national exam for Native Communities. During 2019, there were 150 young people from 4th, 5th and high school graduates from 6 prioritized schools in 18 communities of the Andoas district, in the ONP, who participated in the first stage of the project and of them 3 young people passed the national exam, and they entered universities.
  • Technical professionals program: 110 youths of Talara completed their technical professional training at SENATI and 100% managed to access a subsidized internship program.
  • Corporate Program for the Development of Skills and Competencies of 4th and 5th year high school students (Conchán, Ninacaca, Ilo and Talara), in order to enhance job placement or job creation skills through the development and / or strengthening of the skills and competencies related to three elements that are configured in the pillars of future job profiles, with a better projection in the labor market.